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A Personalized Experience

Cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning and Facial Recognition allow Bite to customize the ordering experience for each of your guests.

In turn, guests spend 15-20% more at Bite Kiosk as compared to ordering from a cashier at the same location.

Fully Customizable

We know you take your branding seriously. Bite's design team will work with you to build a custom UI that matches your brand's unique aesthetic. 

And because our platform is architected to be flexible, we can offer agency quality without the agency price tag.

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Seamless Integration

Broad Partner Landscape

Our team is here for you from implementation through launch, and we will support you through every order your guests place at your kiosks.

Bite communicates seamlessly with your tech stack, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations and full cashier parity.

We've already put in the work to integrate with the technology you are using today: from POS, to loyalty, online ordering, payments, gift cards and more. 

Don't see your provider here? We are probably working with them, too. This is just a fraction of our integrations.

“It’s essential that customers have a good personal experience when they first touch the kiosk, because it’s in that moment that they begin to build a digital relationship with our brand. That’s why we chose a partner so carefully in Bite, a company that shares our devotion to delivering an unmatched guest experience."

A Genuine Partnership

Fully-integrated digital ordering solutions that put hospitality first

Why do the top QSR and Fast Casual brands choose Bite?

Bite's robust ordering platform solves for all restaurant needs

Best-in-class kiosk ordering software that personalizes each guest's experience

No-app mobile interface for safe and easy contactless ordering via QR code

– Renjie Wang, VP of IT, Togo's